CNC Turned Parts for standard and specialized applications

Custom Design Components has a CNC lathe division that allows us to fully meet our customers' demand for turned parts. Our standard offerings include pilot pistons, gland nuts and cavity plugs for all major valve sizes. We also have the ability to produce custom parts, no matter what industry you are serving, and can handle production runs from 10 to over 1,000 pieces.

Having both a CNC mill department and a CNC lathe department under one roof allows us to build more complex parts and maintain strict control throughout the entire process. Are you in need of a part that is too difficult for the company that is currently handling your lathe work? Let us take a look to see if our team can give you what you need.

Many customers also have projects requiring milled parts as well as turned. In these situations, Custom Design Components is able to handle your full order.

  • Turning Manifolds
  • Round Turning Manifolds
  • Round Turning Manifolds

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