Custom hydraulic manifolds, design, manufacturing and more

For over twenty years, Custom Design Components has acted as a trusted hydraulic manifold supplier to a number of industries, from agriculture to industrial. In that time, we’ve developed processes, acquired tooling and invested in machinery that afford us a unique range of capabilities. We leverage these capabilities to provide our distributors with an array of benefits, such as:

Massive inventory of commodity products
With over 1,000 commodity and standard products available at all times, we can receive, fill and ship your order faster.

Personalized overflow inventory
If you find yourself regularly ordering custom hydraulic manifolds or products, we’ll maintain your items in inventory to be shipped incrementally, reducing your wait times and increasing your productivity.

Unparalleled quality assurance program
Every fluid power product that we sell undergoes extensive quality assurance testing to clean it, remove any burrs and ensure its integrity.

Custom manifold design
Our team has years of experience designing custom manifolds for various industry purposes so that, no matter what your specifications or application, we can manufacture the part that you need.

Flexible dimensions
Capable of creating both small and large custom manifolds, we have the ability to manufacture hydraulic manifolds for nearly any application.

CNC turned parts
Using in-house CNC lathes, we can produce cylindrical pistons and other cylindrical parts. Our flexibility means that distributors aren't limited to ordering just standard manifolds.

Custom scribing
As a distributor of hydraulic manifolds from Custom Design Components, you can have a customized logo, slogan or graphic etched onto the surface of every manifold that you sell.

At Custom Design Components, we believe that our distributors deserve the best hydraulic manifolds available, at cost-efficient pricing, delivered on time. As we’ve refined our processes and expanded our capabilities, we’ve continually aimed to reduce costs and expand the options available to our distributors. If you’re interested in learning more about our capabilities and how they can benefit you as a distributor, visit our distributor page to contact us for more information.